Known by most as “gum” disease, it is essentially an infection of the gums, teeth, and sometimes even the supporting bone around the teeth.

Our Periodontist and dental hygienist at Paragon Dental will work with you to prevent any occurrences of gum disease through careful examination and thorough cleanings.  Your daily dental care routine can do much to protect you against the damage, discomfort, and pain this disease can cause.

Gum disease is caused primarily due to the build up of plaque, also known as tartar, on your teeth.  Plaque collects in hard to reach spots and eventually creates ridges that press against gums, producing tiny tears in the tissue that become infected.  When plaque hardens and extends below your gum line, it is essential to have your Paragon Dental hygienist help you by removing such stubborn deposits.

Periodontal disease is marked by numerous symptoms:

  • Bad breath that does not respond to regular brushing and flossing
  • Gums bleeding while brushing or eating
  • Gums tender, swollen, or receding from teeth
  • Teeth loose or tilting/shifting over a short period of time

However, not all cases will display these warning signs, which is why your Paragon dentist conducts periodontal screenings during your routine dental care exams and if necessary to be referred to our Periodontist.

If we determine you are suffering from periodontal disease, we will take immediate steps to control the infection and return your good dental health.  These steps can include regular visits with our Periodontist and dental hygienist to ensure all plaque is removed and special dental care hygiene for you to use at home. The periodontist will assess and carry out necessary treatment to stabilise your periodontal condition and to improve your dental health.