Have you ever considered having straight teeth and a perfect smile but have been put off by the thought that braces are only for children and likely to be socially embarrassing?

Well, at Paragon Dental we appreciate that some of our patients may feel self conscious about having braces. It is for this reason that we provide the least conspicuous braces using state of the art techniques and materials. We want our patients to feel comfortable with the knowledge that they can undergo orthodontic treatment and get on with their day to day lives without anyone noticing.

We provide a relaxed, professional and caring environment where we value patient care and satisfaction above all else. This ethos has meant that personal patient recommendation still contributes to the biggest proportion of our new referrals

We provide the following types of braces:

Lingual braces

These braces are fixed to the side of the teeth that faces the tongue making them virtually impossible to see.

Clear aligners/Invisalign

This is a form of treatment that involves wearing a series of very thin, clear aligners that gradually straighten the teeth. This again is a virtually invisible form of treatment.

Ceramic labial braces

These braces are like the conventional metal braces except they are much less noticeable than traditional metal braces, thanks to their translucent appearance which blends in with the colour of your teeth

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