Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry at Paragon Dental is our opportunity to develop an aesthetic rapport with our patients that supports their achieving the smile of their dreams.

Whether your dream smile can be accomplished through the simple, near-immediate results gained from teeth whitening or through the comprehensive procedures in a complete smile makeover, we will take the time and attentiveness necessary to ensure you realise your dream.

We combine the highest ethics of good dental health with sterling aesthetics to offer you cutting edge cosmetic dentistry treatment options.


Teeth Whitening

When asked to name the one thing they feel would improve their smile, the majority of dental patients answer:  whiter teeth.

Your dentist at Paragon Dental knows the importance of having a bright, white smile – for social and business appearances – but mostly for the self confidence a dazzling smile gives you.  We offer in-office and in-home Teeth whitening as separate dental care solutions or used in tandem, when appropriate. 

If our in-home option is most convenient, you can expect excellent results using our premium whitening gel within 2-4 weeks depending on stain severity.  Your Paragon dentist will ensure that you have a complete understanding of the in-home teeth whitening process for the best possible results.

As the most popular and most often performed cosmetic dental option, teeth whitening can produce dramatic results in as little as an hour with the in-office procedure.  Paragon Dental uses premium whitening compounds that quickly and safely break down stains on your teeth leaving you with a beautifully brightened smile.

Teeth whitening is a safe procedure that can quickly achieve the beautiful, glowing smile you desire.

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Smile Design/Makeovers

Your smile is uniquely yours and is your very personal way of communicating socially and professionally.

At Paragon Dental, we are committed to the enhancement of your individual aesthetics in our smile makeover process.  We believe it is as important to build a rapport with smile makeover patients and we strive to recommend cosmetic dental solutions based on not only sound dentistry, but on each individual’s personality and desires.

Your smile makeover consultation will be a comprehensive consultation and discussion of the best cosmetic dental options for your particular needs.  These options could include individual or in combination procedures such as:

  • Teeth Whitening, this simple process can quickly brighten any smile.
  • Veneers, close gaps and create a pleasing, uniform appearance to your teeth while covering cracks and stains – plus adding strength to each tooth.
  • Crowns, reconstruct chipped or worn teeth for a completely natural appearance while regaining full functionality
  • Bridges, replace missing teeth with custom-fit, colour-matched replicas that restore function and beauty.
  • Dental Implants, this perfect permanent replacement solution for missing teeth gives you identical functionality of your natural teeth in beautiful, non-staining ceramic.
  • Orthodontics, invisible and visible braces to dramatically improve the appearance of non straight teeth .

Your smile makeover at Paragon Dental will receive our undivided attention, whether you simply wish whiter teeth or require extensive restoration procedures.  We listen.  We care.  We create a smile with you in mind.

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